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Public Marriage Records California
  • One of the happiest things that could happen between California Marriage Records couples is when they get married. image With the Freedom of Information Act, once a couple decides to get married, a public Marriage Records Search marriage record is then created. Such records re made public and is one of the most requested file in many of the states.

    One can find a number of information on the document. Information about the couple is indicated on a marriage certificate. The complete name of the bride and groom as well as their date and place of birth are indicated on the file. Important information about the marriage of the coupe is documented on the file. Such information includes the place and date when the marriage took place. The names of the couple's parents as well as the sponsors and witnesses are also found on the record. There are states that indicate the details about the previous marriage of an individual on the record.


    One of the top reasons for accessing marriage record is to conduct a research on the family. It is one of the primary documents that have to be presented when processing government transactions. Insurance related transactions would also require an individual to provide a copy of the marriage contract. A marriage certificate is also used when a couple decides to file separation.

    Marriage records are handled by the office of the Vital Records Section of a state. The local office of the county clerk also keeps a copy of the certificate. When requesting for a marriage record, one will be asked for their personal information of the person who request for the file. One has to keep in mind that, only the couple themselves and authorized individuals are allowed to get a marriage certificate. The basic information that is on the record is also required such as the name and the date of marriage to easily locate the document on the archive.

    Before, the process of requesting for the record may take a whole day and can be time consuming. One needs to wait for his turn to be able to file the request and the record can be given after several days. Now, the Internet has made things a lot better. There is no need to wait on queue since the record can be obtained on your own even at home. The results are then displayed in just a matter of seconds.

    By far, the use of the Internet is the fastest method in obtaining a copy of the marriage certificate. A free marriage records search can be done as well as a paid search. Many still prefer to go for the paid service because of the quality of the results that they provide.